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Monday, 12 March 2012

A dress to cheer up Mondays!

Every Monday lunch time, I find myself being drawn to the online shopping browse! Don't get me wrong this happens most days, but the Monday browse feels like the most needed one, as you are still getting over the post weekend shock! 
So, It is always a pleasure when you find an item that puts a big smile on your face, and just for a few minutes sweeps you away to another place and time. That's the beauty of clothes, it not just how you look in it, it is also all about where you will be wearing it. 

And when I saw this gorgeous Topshop dress today, I was quickly taken to a restaurant in the Italian Riviera, sipping on cocktail, which has perked my day right up!  

Topshop £38

It is hard to know where to start with this dress, the print detail is stunning, the contrast of the top and bottom of the dress really helps to define the shape and the little capped sleeves give it a real ladylike finish. 
What I love the most is the colour, as I have said before I adore anything with white, it is so timeless, and set against this royal blue is stunning.(And it is under £40- bargain)

Where could I wear it?- Wedding, Day at the Races, Holiday, Summer BBQ, Lunch date, Simmer City break, the list goes on and on, versatility is what we are looking for ladies!

I hope this dress cheers up your Monday like it has mine,I will be rushing out to get this for my summer wardrobe.
Happy Monday! 

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  1. Beautiful dress! Almost look like one of the dresses that Jason Wu created for Target!


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