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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Wedding Report! (with a very special guest)

Well, as you know this weekend was my first wedding of the year, for my friends Stu and Nikki, and I think I can say without a doubt that it was the most memorable wedding I will ever go to! I know this is a fashion blog and it's all about the clothes, but I have to fill you in on the turn of events.
The whole day was fantastic, Nikki's dress was stunning, (I have pics below for you) and Stu looked uber dapper in his Hugo Boss suit, and the weather was perfect, but the big shock of the day was the arrival of Keith Lemon from Celebrity Juice fame! This was a complete shock to everyone including the Bride and Groom, the only person who knew was the best man Nick, who had been sworn to secrecy. The arrival was to film his new TV show Lemon's Lemonaid in which Keith goes round making people's dreams come true, and for the big day he had flown over 2 of Nikki and Stu's closest friends from Australia, which was awesome. 
It was a truly amazing day and night and no-one could really believe what had happened, so make sure you check out the new series, in particular episode 6 when all of the wedding action is being shown!

But, now back to the clothes, and here is the pics of my outfit!

Dress- Miss Selfridge, Jacket- H&M, Bag-H&M, Shoes-New Look, 
Fascinator- Claires, Rings- New Look, Necklaces- H&M

As you can see I went for the peach Miss Selfridge dress, that I put on my post last week. I loved the colour, it was perfect for a spring wedding and really comfortable for the long day. 
I didn't want a fitted dress, I wanted a dress that had movement and one I could enjoy my dinner in! I also didn't want a shawl or wrap for as a cover up, I wanted some structure against the loose fit of the dress and this H&M jacket was perfect, the cut was really flattering and helped give definition to the waist. 
To give my fascinator more colour, I added the peach flower and  this worked really well with the dress. All in all I felt great in the outfit all day!

Now for the beautiful Bride!

Nikki's looked amazing, the cut of the dress fit her perfectly and the sweetheart chest made her decolletage look fab! The train was the show stopper, it created a fantastic fishtail effect which looked wonderful on Nikki's figure.
I could not wait to see the the dress it was the one bit of the day I was most excited about seeing and boy did this not disappoint! Top marks Nikki! xx

And now, just a few of the special guest!!

I hope you like my outfit and the photo's of the very special day!Yet me know what you are wearing to your spring/summer wedding's, I've still got 3 more to go! 



  1. lovely wedding outfit! and how amazing..keith lemon!>!
    lovely blog too,now following. found you through the twitter #fblogger! :D

  2. You look lovely, I'm just in the process of looking for an outfit for my sister in laws wedding in May :) x

  3. Very pretty wedding day outfits that is. Every women dreaming to look pretty on the day of her wedding. Thanx for sharing this nice outfit for wedding day.

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  4. Thank you guys! It was a really comfy dress for dancing in at the wedding!
    Catherine- I hope you find something fab for your sister in laws wedding. x

    (And thank you Rachel for following! x)

  5. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, as is the brides! And that's sooo amazing that Keith Lemon suprised them like that!

    Georgie <3

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