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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Easiest Spring Nail Art Ever!

I am so envious of some of the beautiful beauty blogs out there, I follow them and pick up so many tips on the best products and how to achieve the best looks, but I myself am no beauty expert. I love make up and wear a full face every day, but Fashion is the real passion for me, and while I will dip my toe into some make up posts soon, I will never claim to be Bobbi Brown! 

However nails are a big love of mine and wear a colour nearly every day, I think that they can complete an outfit and is a great way of expressing yourself if you are not overly confident with clothes and make up.
I have a real spectrum of makes and colours from the OPI's and Nails INC to cheap and cheerful shop brands.
At the moment, I have been loving Boots 17 Lasting Fix range, they have got some fab spring colours and since the weather has been taking it's time to get warm, I have been using my nails to get bright fix!

I am a solid colour girl most of the time, it is just easier and quicker to get an instant effect, but if you can take a little longer you can achieve some great nail art with very little effort. 

Tonight I have played around with my 3 current fav colours and created a look that is "spot on" (pardon the pun) I hope you like it, here is quick breakdown of what I have done......

Take 3 colours and one box of matches
I have gone for spring colours!
Do 2 coats of the base colour, you can chose which that is.
Then, take the end of the match and dip it in the second colour and just dot the end of the match on the nail, (2 or 3 per nail)
Then, do the same with the third colour, dotting between the other colour

You are then finished! How easy was that and the effect is really cute!

Base Coat- Holding Hands
First dots- Forever
Second dots- Caribean Coral

These nail varnishes are great, they dry quick and don't really chip, unless forced and the best bit they are only £2.99 each, so you can create the whole look for under £10- bargain. 

I hope you like my nails and give it go yourself, it is soo easy, otherwise I would not be doing it!



  1. LOVE these nails, the colours you have used are beautiful! Definitely going to try this for Easter time :)

  2. That is totally cute but I would still make a complete pig's ear of it!


  3. Thanks girls! They are fab for spring. And, honestly they are easy, I promise, I am so clumsy for if I can do it anyone can! :-)


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