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Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring Wedding- what to wear?

Right, it is that time of year again- wedding season! Every year it seems like that are more and more ( must be my age!) and although I do love a good wedding, there is also that stress that comes with it of worrying about what to wear!
Yes, I know the only dress that should matter is the blushing bride, but lets be honest it is still pretty important that you also look and feel fab. 

My first wedding is a week today, so am in to the last phases of dress decisions! Tomorrow is the day I am hitting the shops to buy, but in preparation I have been doing my research on what is out there and deciding on the styles and colours I like,there are always so many things to consider, the weather, the comfy factor- you will be in it all day, so after a lot of consideration I think I have narrowed down to the following styles, that will be very popular this season....
N.B- This could all change when I get out there in the shopping jungle tomorrow!

Miss Selfridges £42
The Peplum

Miss Selfridges £39
The Pastel

Topshop £50

The Lace

Topshop £60

The Floral

Whenever I have got a big event to shop for, I always set myself a budget for everything, the dress, shoes, bag, accessories, the works, so I know what I am working with. 
I have a budget of £80 for this occasion, so I want to buy a dress that I can get wear off throughout the rest of the summer. that is why I never just go to places like Coast for occasions, not they do have beautiful dresses, I just feel that is a safe place to go and prefer to mix it up with clothes that are not just specifically for weddings!

I hope you like them and let me know which one you prefer.
I will announce my winner next week! 

Have a fab weekend and happy shopping


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