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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Style Challenge - Spring Work Wear

Over the past week or so, some of my lovely followers have set me some style challenges for some of their fashion dilemma's and I am loving finally getting round to going through them. 

One of the big ones was work wear for the spring and summer season, this can cause a few problems, as there is lots of things to consider, and dressing correctly for work can be a really important way of feeling confident and comfortable day in day out. 

It is quite a hard challenge, as there are so many variables to work wear depending on where you work it could be quite corporate and formal, or it might be like my office which is a real mixed bag, with the designers and buyers wearing what they want, the IT and finance guys in suits and ties and then us in Marketing some where in the middle of them both! 

With all this in mind I went on a bit or a mission going through my high street and online favs to pick out options that will suit all of the types of work wear, and still be bang on trend for this season. 

                                                                 River Island

               Top- £20               Skirt- £12          Dress- £40     

These are fab for the office this summer, the shirt is a great pastel colour which will go brill with all skirts, chino's and trousers and the skirt is a really great cut for all body shapes, it will show all our yummy bums off a treat, not to mention the amazing colour! But my fav is the dress, it is a wonderful tribal print, but most importantly it will be really comfy and easy to wear, cos you will not need to style anything else with it,put it on and your good to go! 

Top Shop 

   Skirt- £26                Top- £26             Skirt- £28

Skirts are stables for your work wear wardrobe, you can wear the same one twice in one week and style it completely different each time, and they will go with prints, blacks, brights really well! I love the colour of these two skirts, and as you will know from previous posts, I love dipped hemmed clothes, so this yellow one was always going to be popularr.The white lac top is soo pretty and ties in with the girly white trend for this spring, it will work in all office/ work environments.


   Dress- £38                 Bag- £40            Dress- 25.50

Admittedly, these dresses are maybe not your typical work wear dresses, but they were too cute not to be included. These would work really well if you work in a more smart/casual office when the weather gets really hot, (we all know air conditioning is a nightmare)I especially love the white one,because I love white for a start and secondly I this the pocket detail is stunning,  and you could keep pens and a mini notepad in there?! And you need a great bag for work and this bright orange will be sure to have you standing out all season, this bag = summer bag envy!

                          Dorothy Perkins

   Dress- £32               Blouse- £24            Dress- £35

I loved the little hint of bright on the navy dress, it just gives it a bit more definition round the waist, and the stretchy material will be fab for sitting in long meetings! The stripy dress, like the River Island one is doing all the work for you, just get a bright coloured necklace or scarf and you are ready to go! And last but not least the collared blouse is a must have for all working ladies this summer, you can wear it with everything and any colour, so that makes it priceless for work wear, as you can just throw it on and know you are looking good and on trend!

I hope you like my picks, and go and hit the shops to start building up your spring wardrobe! Let me know what you are loving for this season! 
And, any other style challenges, please get in touch and I will get to work! 



  1. I love that patterned River Island dress!


  2. The dorothy perkinis pieces are so fierce!


  3. Love this post :) I went pretty much straight from 4 years at uni - being able to wear more or less whatever I wanted every day - to a full time professional position... 6 months later I'm still struggling when it comes to workwear and I've got a feeling it's only going to get worse come summer. Thanks for the inspiration!!xx

  4. Thank you for all the lovely comments! :)
    There are some really nice pieces out there if you do a bit of dedicated shopping! xx


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