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Friday, 20 April 2012

Highlight of the Week- H&M Conscious Collection!

To say that the H&M Conscious Collection is my Highlight of the week is not strictly true, as it should have been about 3 weeks ago, but I have been so busy with Manchester Fashion Week and haring about visiting friends this is the first opportunity I have had to write a post on it. 
I am so excited about this collection, it has beautiful skirts, dresses, tops and shorts that will become staples for every summer wardrobe and still at a really assessable price.(Which is what we are all about here at Logan's Runway)Sometimes, when high street brands bring out new ranges and collections it is an excuse to put the prices up, but lucky for us this is not the case! 
The most important detail of this range is the fact that it is part of H&M pledge for a more sustainable fashion future and trying to make steps in reducing the effect on the environment. Over the past couple of years, more and more designers and brands have started to look at ethical clothing, but for a high street brand to launch a whole collection is very exciting.

It is hard to know where to start,I want it all!
Long Blouse £19.99 , Dress £14.99 , Dress £29.99, Shirt £9.99, 
Skirt £9.99
                             Vest £14.99, Skirt £14.99, Dress £24.99, 
               Bandeau Dress £ 19.99, Dress £19.99

The pattern on the skirts and dresses is bang on trend, the use of the pastel greens, yellows and pinks, allows you to team it with all the spring pieces you will already have and although they are florals (again) they are a funky and tropical and fun! 
The lace dresses and vests really remind me of Louis Vuitton SS12 collection, it is stunning and literally flying off the shelves when I was in the store, so i had to get involved and my first purchase was this gorgeous lace top which I will be wearing round the clock, when the weather finally gets better!  

   (Ok, so there maybe are some expensive pieces!)
               Dress £199, Dress, £199, Shift Dress £59.99, Dress £199

These are the really high end to the collection 4 dresses with the real wow factor, and perfect for any red carpet event. The first time we saw H&M's evening dress designs were on Michelle Williams at this years Bafta's and these are just as successful. Not for the normal shopping spree but if you have a really special occasion, these will knock most others out of the park. My fav is the purple detailed dress, the colours are amazing.

I am sure that most of you will already have been in to check this range out,it has been in the shops about 2-3 weeks. But if not then you have too, even if it is just to buy one or two pieces you could still have change of £30- bargain! 

I am sure you are as glad as me it is the weekend, I have had a rubbish cold all week so hoping to get rid of it and go for a shopping afternoon tomorrow to help my friend style an outfit for a wedding she is going to, I hope you all have great weekend planned too!

Happy Weekend, Happy Shopping!


  1. I got myself a dress but I might go back for that yellow mini!!


  2. I know, I am already planning my next shopping trip! :-) xx

  3. I love this campaign & collection, thanks for sharing! xxx Olga


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