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Friday, 13 April 2012

Manchester Fashion Week in Pictures!

Today is the last day of Manchester Fashion Week, it has been a great event and we have seen some stunning pieces on the Runway! I have loved being able to just pop down in my local area and see such a celebration of fashion and new local talent. 
I still have a couple of reviews left to write up which I will try and get up as soon as possible,so stayed tuned for them, you don't want to miss the Manchester school of Art, but in honour of the last day I just wanted to post some of my pics of the week, not just of the shows but the venue itself. 

I hope this gives you a feel for what has been going on this week, it has been fab and I can't wait for next years already! 

Well, I am off for the to visit all my Uni friends for a birthday weekender, both me and Katie have got new outfits for the occasion so hopefully I will be able to post some pics of them next week- providing they are not too drunken! :-) 
I hope you all have fab weekends and if you are shopping, you are in luck there are some fab fashion finds out there!! 

     Happy Weekend and Happy Shopping! 


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