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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Style Challenge- Summer Holiday Shopping! Part 1

This style challenge is one of the most important "shops" of the year, because lets face it, who does not want to look and feel fab when you are on holiday! 
I have had lots of requests on my facebook page from my lovely followers asking for style tips and help for their shopping list for summer holidays, so after a lot of research, and the fact that I booked my girlie holiday this week, I am ready to share my picks.


Print Maxi Skirt Boohoo £25-- Blossom Skirt Topshop £36
Blue and Orange Pleat Skirt Missguided £ 14.99
Ikat Skater Skirt Boohoo £15
Tribal Bodycon Skirt River Island £15 
Tropical Pencil Skirt River Island £25--Red Maxi- Topshop £30
Green Pleat Skirt Missguided £14.99
White Skirt Own the Runway £19.99
Tie Die Skirt Miss Selfridge £7.00

Dolly Mixture Shorts Boohoo £12
BDG Dolphin Sailor Shorts ( Urban Outfitters) £35
Tuck Front orange Shorts Topshop £50
Pattern Silk Shorts River Island £20
Black Floral Shorts Fashion Union £12 
Cream laser cut out Shorts River Island £22
Black and White Tribal Shorts Mango £ 19.99
Maarten Van Der Horst for Topshop Shorts £60

For me the Summer holiday is is one time of the year you are go a bit mad and wear lots of colour and bold prints, and be a bit more daring in your choices. (And this season there has been not shortage of this on the high street) 
The other key factor of the summer shop is cost, you don't want to have to spend lots and lots on 1 or 2 pieces you want to be able to get a lot for your money and still have change for a glass of Sangria when you arrive! 
So with that in mind, rather than try and put all my picks on one post, I decided to break it down into the main clothing sections, so you are not bombarded all at once! 
I have started with Skirts and Shorts, probably the 2 most important and versatile pieces of a holiday, as you are dress them up/down, with different tops to give you a completely different look. 

That is the secret to savvy holiday shopping- buying pieces that can be matched with other pieces to maximise your suitcase space and style! 

I hope you like my picks, and next week I will post my top holiday tops that will go perfectly with the styles above. 
So you will be armed and ready to hit the shops! Let me know how you get on.

I hope you are all looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend? I can't wait, I am going to my Friend Rachel's Wedding tomorrow night and then spending the rest of the time catching up with friends and trying to get my training up for the Manchester 10K in a few weeks! ( but I will still find time for a cheeky visit round the shops too!)



  1. They are sooo cute!! i just love the floral shorts and the blossom skirt! yes i guess i have caught the flower pattern bug :)

    1. Thanks Lu, I know it is hard to resist the flower patterns! x

  2. Love your picks, the blue and peach missguided skirts are my fave and the floral shorts, so cute.

    Charlotte xo

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I know I love the missguided ones! x

  3. Love this so much and love your blog,
    please look on mine
    lots of love :)<3

    1. Hi Lara, Thank you so much. I have looked at your blog and it is great! ( I love your vintage jumper!) x

  4. Love the skirts.

    10K! I practically die doing the 5k- although just 3 days ago I got lost while jogging and ended up going about 3miles or more. I am not sure how far since i was lost- but it was a very long time! haha.

    I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER! Thanks for the welcome on IFB! You said you already followed me, right?^_^

    God bless!

    1. Hi Christine, Thanks for the follow! Yes, I am following you too- love your blog! x

  5. these skirts are sick ! sucks that i cant wear them ! !


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