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Monday, 20 August 2012

Vintage Shops, Boutiques and Sun- A week in Norfolk!

Hi Guys, 
This is not purely a fashion post, it is the round up of my holiday in North Norfolk- one of the most beautiful areas of the country!
However before I get on to the East Anglia love in I wanted to share with you some of the fab Shops I discovered on my travels. I always get drawn into shopping on holiday, I just can't go a week without some form of fashion fix! I love having time to really mooch around shops instead of running around and grabbing things like I normally do. And this also normally leads me to different shops and styles than my usual haunts, this time it was Vintage shops and Boutiques. 

                     Me, Mum and Katie loving the Vintage!!

Now,I know fab vintage shops are all over the UK, but the 2 I found in North Norfolk were real gems. I will confess to not being a full on vintage shopper, I do have some very special items that I have had for years and will never leave me and I do love going every few months for a vintage fix, but most of my clothes are high street, so when I find really amazing vintage shops I get really excited. 
Past Caring in Holt is tiny, literally one 2-3 people can fit in there at one time, but it is packed with stunning pieces dating back from 1800 to the 1950's. There is the most beautiful collection of brooches and pins that would transform any outfit and stunning lace dresses and linen table cloths whisking you back to Gosford Park or Downton Abbey. 
Vintage Deli in Burnham Market is another star find with a real range of high end and high street pieces that will suit all budgets. I was in love with a white and gold shift dress from the 1960's, but to be honest the selection of jackets was also just as fab! 
If you are in the area and you love your Vintage clothing then these are a must to visit. But if you want to find them on line here are the links to the sites

I also rediscovered Anna's, a beautiful boutique shop featuring luxury designer dresses, accessories and denims. The selection of designers is too hard to resist, Matthew Williamson, ACNE, Issa London, J Brand, Alice by Temperley and Halston to name a few. I picked up a gorgeous teal green Selected Femme dress that will be appearing in an outfit post very soon!
Anna's is a shopping heaven, located across Norfolk, Suffolk and London and if you would like to check out more details here is the website

And now, for my photos of some of my favourite places along the North Norfolk coast- Burnham Market, Blakney, Cley and Sheringham

I  hope you have all had nice starts to the week? It is always hard coming back after a holiday but I am throwing myself into the blog and keeping as busy as I can. I have got lots of posts coming up this week so be sure the check in for those. Also let me know your top Vintage shops in your area as I really want to discover more hidden treasures for my closet! 

Happy Monday! 


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  1. Oh you've been to one of the most beautiful parts of Norfolk. Holt and the rest of the towns on the North Norfolk coast are particularly wonderful for shopping in.

    Norwich also has some fantastic vintage stores so if you find yourself this way then you should checkout Retreat vintage, Prim Vintage and all the high street and designer shops in the city centre.

    Thanks for sharing this post on Twitter.

    Jess x
    Love Norfolk.


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