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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Print, Trouser, Action!

Jacket- Miss Rebell, Trousers- Primark, T Shirt- H&M
Shoes- Viva La Diva, Clutch- Miss Selfridge, Necklace- Primark
Hat- H&M, Nails- Essie Master Plan

Hi Lovelies!

As all of you long term followers will know, I LOVE print trousers. Well, actually that is too specific, I just love all forms of trousers, am I alone in this fetish?
I did a little fashion dance when I saw all the print trousers and casual tailoring rolling down the catwalk last September, as it is such an easy, accessible and comfy trend to wear. And what I love is that can can be adapted to suit your body shape, because of my big old hips and bum I need to have a large turn up at the bottom of the leg to balance me out, but if you are quite small in height pulling them down and having them coming in at the ankle helps elongate the leg- clever trousers!

These animal print slouch leg trouser are from Primark and are great for dressing up or down. I wore these at work, but they can also look great with peplum tops and sky high heels at night. 

To be honest on the High Street H&M have an amazing selection of trousers, chino's and silk pj style bottoms this season and at the most budget friendly price, but ASOS also have some proper stand out pairs, so both worth checking out. 
I hope you like the look, and would love to know how you are styling trousers. 

I have finally been able to go shopping again- (Yeah!) And boy did I make up for lost time, think I blew my monthly clothes shopping budget in one night, but it was worth it. Got lots of great pieces that I can't wait to start blogging about and styling with other pieces. It has really got my creative juices flowing again, I had hit a style stalemate in January, but now I am excited about it again which is great! 

Hope you are having a good week so far? At least we are hitting the mid week point tomorrow. New spring nail art video will be up this week too, sure hope you can check back in. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your hat! I've just bought a fedora :)

    1. Thanks Laura! I must confess to having a bit of a hat fetish! x


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