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Thursday, 21 February 2013

#LFW in Pictures

Hi Guys, 

This post is just a picture round up of my time at London Fashion Week. To be honest, it could have been about 5 or 6 separate posts, but I figured we will be all #LFW out very soon, so condensed it all into one picture post. 

LFW Sign, Outfit day 1, Waiting for Zoe Jordan, Somerset House Courtyard, Topshop NEWGEN, Sister by Sibling 
Goody Bag from Zoe Jordan, Huishan Zhang, Outfit Day 2, Tickets for Bora Aksu, JW Anderson NEWGEN Bagde, Maarten Van De Horst
Finale to Bora Aksu, Topshop NEWGEN bages, More NEWGEN designs, Cocktail break, Zoe Jordan Finale

It really was an amazing few days, and it is not till you are back and you look through all the pics that you realise how much you have seen. 
I was really lucky to have been asked to the Zoe Jordan and Bora Aksu shows, they were both soo gorgeous, but really different. 
Zoe Jordan was full of whites, black leathers and pops of colour in very classic and simple cuts. While Bora Aksu was alot more about the detail with stunning dresses and skirts that had the most beautiful lines, celebrating the female body. I am sure it is not the done thing when you are at fashion week but I let out a few "wow's" as the models walked past, because they all looked so amazing! If you want to see the full shows click here

One of my favourite parts of being at Somerset House is being able to go to the Topshop NEWGEN exhibition. Each year Topshop always celebrate the best of new talent in the fashion industry that later go on to be major league players, like Holly Foulton and JW Anderson. This year was no different, and I think my personal fav was Sister by Sibling, with it's crazy neons leopard prints. And I got to choose a badge from one the NEWGEN designers, which was really hard. Ok, slight overstatement, but still hard. I went for JW Anderson's anchor one in the end. 

Overall, the experience was fab and it was made even better by meeting some lovely fellow bloggers that I love too.
I hope you like my pics, and I will be getting back to normal outfit posts from tomorrow. 

I hope you are having a good week? I can't wait for the weekend, cos I am soo excited about the Oscar's on Sunday night. Here at Logan's Runway we having a Oscar Party for the big event. Me and Katie will be armed with chocolate and snacks to see us through the fashion parade. So be sure to check in on Twitter during the red carpet for our yeahs and nays from the night. 

Happy Thursday!


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