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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

On The Go!

Parka- Huk (Independent Shop in Manchester), Top- New Look
Trousers- Bought in a local sample sale, Handbag- Primark
Ring- Miss Selfridge, Necklace- Primark, Shoes- Boohoo
Hat- H&M, Nails- Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 

Hi Guys!

Today I was out and about and busy, so heels were not an option, so I turned to my trusty black spiked pumps to get me round. Sometimes (only sometimes) comfort comes first! 
As you will see my love of trousers is continuing with yet another pair, these striped lovelies I picked up at a local sample sale. They were such a bargain and they are really soft and have a lot stretch in them so the ideal thing to wear when you are running around the place. 
Sample Sales are a great why to pick up key pieces at very little cost. I get regular emails from Manchester Fashion Network, with details of up and coming sales from some major high street players, they are always worth a look. Check out in your local area if there is a fashion community or group or just a local information if there are any Sample Sales near you and I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

This is also the first time I am showcasing the new bag in my life. This black beauty is a replacement for my beloved Zara tote, that I broke the strap on. I have been searching for a new one and just not seen the right one for quite a well now, and then while strolling through Primark I found my new version. It is classic and timeless and fits in all my crap, which is the most important. I love it, and it may not be expensive or designer, but that's fine by me. 

I hope your weeks are going well? I am in full prep for London Fashion Week. I am heading down there next week for the opening few days and am soo excited. I will be posting, tweeting and instragramming throughout the whole event, so please stay tuned!
I am off now to catch up on all the action form the first day of New York Fashion Week and a cup of tea! 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. this is such a cool outfit! love it!
    pls, turn the word verification off, it's a real pain..
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

    1. Thanks Alice, glad you like the look. :-)
      I will look at the verification thing. x

  2. The trousers and the shoes look great teamed with that jacket <3

    Have fun in London Fashion Week - wish I was going.

    Would be great if you could please take a look at my latest post:

    Fashion Find - Mina UK on

    Thanks :)



    p.s. the wind did not ruin your pictures!

    1. Thanks hun! I am loving the trousers/ jacket combo at the mo!
      I will check out your post now. Xx

  3. cute jacket and bag!

    btw, I have a giveaway on my blog. You can win a black leather bag similar to the Hermes Birkin one. If you are interested take a look over here :

    1. Thank You!
      I will check out the giveaway too. xx


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