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Monday, 11 March 2013

Manchester Fashion Week Bloggers Box! #MCRFW13

Hi Lovelies! 

As some of you will now I have been asked to be part of Manchester Fashion Weeks Official Blogger team, which I am super excited about! I along with a fab list of other fashion bloggers will be covering all the action from the frow, behind the scenes and keeping you up to date with all the catwalk action from the big event!

As part of this amazing role us ladies have been sent a bloggers box from Manchester Fashion Week HQ with lots of goodies to enjoy and pamper ourselves with, and I just wanted to share with you my opinions on the treats inside the box!

A peak inside!
The box was filled with beauty products and yummy food, my two favourite things!

The Beauty Products

Redken- Colour Extend Total Recharge
This is a spray in conditioner that leaves the hair feeling so smooth and soft. You apply it after your shampoo for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Although it is ideally designed for coloured hair, which I don't have I have still be really impressed with this product. As I have some spilt ends and some heat damage, so this has been great for helping this.

Lancome-Hypnotise Mascara
I am sure this needs no introduction, it is very well known in the beauty industry. But for those who have never used it, this is a very intense black mascara, the wand is curled to help create more of a flick to the lash. I would always still use a eyelash curler however, but it is great for creating a dramatic effect. 

Balmi- Blackcurrent Lip Balm
This lip Balm, smells amazing, it literally does smell exactly like blackcurrants. But the really cool bit of this product is the application, as it is a big solid ball of balm that you apply directly on to your lips. It is super moisturising and lasts on the lips for along time, without leaving a sticky or tacky feel. Really nice product. 

Gift Voucher- for Too Funky Hair Studio's in Manchester
I have not yet redeemed this voucher but I have been lucky enough to go and have a blow dry at Too Funky before and it is fab! So when I go for my next appointment I will share the results. 

Lancome- Genifque Yeux
I was soo excited to see this product in the box and I have used it before and loved it. It is a eye treatment that you apply around the lower lashes and out to the side of the eyes, in a delicate tapping motion.It leaves the eyes feeling really soft and hydrated and is a great to put on just before bed so you have nice smooth eyes in the morning.  

Lustrous Locks 
These are vitamin tablets to encourage the growth of the hair and  treatment for the roots. It is filled with MSM , Vitamin C, Silica and N-Acetyl Cysteine that repairs the hair and follicles. I have not really noticed a great difference yet, as I have only been using them a few days, but I am hoping to see an improvement soon. I will keep you posted!

The Foody Goodies

Hotel Chocolat- Milk Oblivion 
OMG, when I saw this box of chocolates I nearly let out a little scream of joy. Hotel Chocolat make the most amazing chocolates, I love them, the slaps of solid bars they sell are literally addictive to me! But this box is selection of milk chocolate creams, pralines and truffles that are so moreish, but never sickly. I must confess to having help to eat them, as tempting as it was to eat them all myself. 

Pop Chips- Barbeque Flavour
These are just yummy BBQ flavour crisps. They are baked so you don't feel too naughty, but they very tasty. 

Megaload- Peanut Butter Cups
If you love peanut butter you will love these, and I do so was more than happy to munch my way through these treats. They have 3 different pretzels on the top of them, like white and milk chocolate and provide a serious sweet fix!

Teapigs- Chai Tea Flavour
I must confess to being a bit of a Tea lady, I always have different flavours at my desk or at home, but without doubt the best of all of these is Tea Pigs. The tea bags themselves are made from a very fine hessian that allows the leaves to really soak through and give a fuller flavour of tea. This Chai Tea is really relaxing, and good to have at night, but I can also recommend the peppermint for after lunch. 

My Favourites!

Out of the box, I must admit to having a few favourites and will definitely repurchase again myself. 
The Redkin Colour Extend, Genifque Yeux and the Balmi lip Balm. I have been really impressed with these and can see them fitting into my skincare and beauty routine. 

It was fab to get this box and it only got me more excited about the Fashion week itself!

Manchester Fashion Week is running from the 22nd to 26th April and is being held at The National Football Museum at the Urbis in Manchester City Center. 
For all the up to date news and schedules be sure to check out the Website
And be sure to come along and check out the catwalk shows! 

Yours Fashionably! 




  1. the favourite bit of the the box was also the Genifque Yeux. Been using it every morning and night so far and i love it. A definite purchase once the sample has run out :)

    Lola x

    1. Yeah, it is fab isant it! Can't wait for the week itself!xx

  2. wow! such a lovely box full of great surprises!

    it will definitely be an unforgettable week!

    1. Thanks hun, glad you like the post. Can't wait for the week! Xx

  3. Ooo such an exciting opportunity lovely and a box full of treats too! I'm intrigued by the lustrous locks.

    Elizabeth Daisy xo

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I will update you on the lustrous locks. Xx


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