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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Karl oh Karl!

As you know I was very excited about the Marni meets H&M collaborations , however I think this excitement was eclipsed by Karl Lagerfeld's announcement that he would create his own affordable range to be sold on Net- A- Porter.

In true glamour stakes there was a wonderful PR build up to the launch whipping us all into a fashion frenzy, with events in London, Paris, Berlin new York and Sydney all packed with fans waiting to get their hands on the coveted range, and when the collection was published, it did not disappoint!

In all his monochrome glory Karl has created a selection of key pieces that represent his structure and silhouette with a sequined poplin collar at £125 and the leather skinny pants at £155, and one of the most popular items the PVC cotton jumper, £135 with the side profile of the man himself. 

The prices of these are significantly less than a normal Chanel piece, but still on the higher end for a girl of limited means like me. So, what I have done is taken looked at the range and picked out one item to buy that lets me get on board the good ship Karl, but not knock by budget out the park. I have gone for the jacinda printed cotton T Shirt £75, a lot of money for a T Shirt I hear you cry, but when you consider the wearabilty of this it will be well worth the money. 

    This is going to work with so many different styles in the coming months such as.....

Casual- Just with jeans and ballet pumps, converse and a blazer/ chunky cardy

Dressy- Put this with wet look leggings/ black jeans or a leather skirt and the biggest heels you can find and you are set.

Festival- How good will this look with shorts, flip flops/ wellies straw hat and over shoulder bag.

I could go on and on, but this will be a very valued member of my wardrobe for years to come, which is why I was soo excited about the range coming out, as I knew what ever the prices the clothes would be timeless and that in fashion maths make the top priceless! 

So don't feel bad girls, get shopping! Karl is available on Net-a-Porter exclusively for one month and then it will posted on all Lagerfeld sites!

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