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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dress Deja Vu!

One of the most important questions that any celeb and their Stylist should consider before venturing out on the red carpet should always be has anyone worn this before? Or at least has anyone worn anything like this before?
I know how much I hate going out and seeing another girl in the same dress as me, never mind the whole of the world press snapping it up for the fashion archives! 

 Emma Stone arrived to the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday night in a red Giambattista Valli dress with a big red bow at the neck which was nearly identical to a Balenciaga dress Nicole Kidman wore to the 2008 ceremony. (I literally could not believe my fashion eyes!)

Although the cut and shape of the dress is very different the most distinguishable feature of both of these dresses is the big red bow! 
The first thing that every fashion journo did when they saw Emma was to immediately draw a direct comparison to Miss Kidman and the similarities. 

I am really surprised at Emma Stone for this decision, this was a big year for her at the Oscars, her film The Help was nominated for best picture, she was presenting an award so she knew there would be a lot of attention on her. So why would you chose a dress that everyone would associate you with another Hollywood big player! 
Emma has made some real fashion forward decisions this award season, her Lanvin dress at the Golden Globes was stunning, and there was definitely enough dresses out there that could have helped stamped her own individual style rather than harp back to a previous dress. 
Shame on you Miss Stone, a fashion faux pas! 

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