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Monday, 27 February 2012

Runways Red Carpet Round Down

Well that is it the Awards season is over and we went out with a bang last night with one of the best dressed Oscars for many a year. We sat up with baited breath for each lady to step out of the car, and it was wonderful to be greeted with such an collection of stunners!I can rarely say this, but it was actually hard to pick out anyone for a "worst dressed" list. Normally there are at least 3 or 4 dresses that have you will have to say what was she thinking? but this year the majority got it bang on. 

The big trend of the night was White, a colour I love in dresses so it became easy for me to form my favourite's, but red was another colour that was popping up on a wide spectrum of styles. 

Anyway, I will cut to the chase and give you run down of the highlights for me starting with my Best Dressed Lady! 

Gywneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

It is not often that I will actually sit up and make an audible gasp at a dress, but this dress for me is perfection. The cape is so original and different, but looks completely elegant against the clean lines of the simple dress. The slight asymmetrical edge of at the top of the dress just sets it apart for another bandeau  and Gwyneth's figure looks amazing, I think this is the best I have ever seen her.- Gorgeous!


Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

 How wonderful is this dress? This is exactly how a curvy women should dress, it is the perfect fit. It show cases all the best bits of Octavia's figure the gathering at the waist is beautiful and so flattering. Octavia has not put a foot wrong in the whole Award Season and this was the perfect end. 

Mila Jovovich in Elle Saab

 I love this dress! This was one of the first dresses to hit the red carpet and it was one of the best. The colour looks perfect on Mila and the detail on the shoulder creates and fab silhouette. 

Cameron Diaz in Gucci

The detail at the bottom of the dress is gorgeous and shows Cameron's figure off perfectly. I sometimes think that bandeau tops can be a bit boring, but with a figure like this it looks fab!

Jenifer Lopz in Zuhair Murad
This was a dress that was causing in difference with the fashion critics last night, but I love it. Yes, it would not look good on everyone, but it is so Jlo that it works. (Although there was a slight nipple gate when she presented an award later) but she still rocked this look.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander Mcqueen

This was a huge hit for Jesscia Chastain, black and gold has been big on the runway for the AW12 shows so this was bang on trend. It could be really difficult to pull off a pattern like this around the hips, but Jessica's figure carry it off beautifully. I loved her hair too, possibly the best hair of the night. 

Bernice Bejo in Elle Saab
This is not what I expected from Bernice, it is nothing like anything she has worn before, but I do really like it. It was the only light green dress on the red carpet which helped it stand out and the shape is classic and timeless. 

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton
I had really high hopes for Michelle and she did not disappoint. This peplum dress looks stunning on her frame and the colour was one of the most eye catching of the night. 

Rose Bryne in Vivienne Westwood
There was a lot of sequins on the Red Carpet and this black number of one of the best. Admittedly she is so skinny that I was taken back a bit but the shape of the dress is wonderful and the back had real detail. 

Penelope Cruz in Armani 
This is is classic old school Hollywood. Penelope was channelling her inner Grace Kelly with this dress and I love it. It is not like any thing we have seen her in before, but the dress and hair together was a timeless effect. 

Stacy Kiebler in Marchesa 
Stacy literally looked like an Oscar statue in this dress! The colour was amazing, but the talking point was the rose on the hips. For many women (myself included) it is all about slimming down the hips but for a figure like Stacy, she totally gets away with it and it adds shape in just the right way. And gets my vote for earrings of the night!

Giuliana Rancic in Tony Ward

This was one of my sister Katie's favs of the night, she absolutely loved the art deco detail around the shoulder and the colour. Bang on with the white trend of the night.


As I have said above there was not many real frock horrors at this years event. Where was the Cher's and Bjork's when you need them. But the list below is my pick of the dresses that failed to excite me. 

Penelope Ann Miller in Badgley Mischka

I am sorry, but I did not like this dress. The colour washed Penelope out, unlike some of the other light colour dresses of the night. The fit was slightly tight and was not completely flattering in places. I know she was going for Hollywood glamour but it did not work for me. 

Viola Davis in Vera Wang
This dress was just a little too "booby" for me, there is no question that she looked gorgeous, her hair was stunning. But I feel that the dress just needed to be pulled up a bit. 

Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera
There is a nothing really wrong with this dress, it is just really blah. When you compare it to Michelle Williams Peplum dress, there is no contest. We want more than this for the Oscars. 

Anna Faris in Diane Von Furstenburg
This was sequins gone wrong. The shape is not right, it hangs funny and the sleeves look too long for her. Again compared to Rose Bryne this does not compare. 

Well, that is my round up guys, I hope you enjoy reading and agree with my picks! Bring on next year! xxx


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