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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Runway Report!

 The best part of any Fashion Week is always the shows themselves, the catwalk is a very exciting place to be, not just for the fashion but to check out who you will be rubbing shoulders with! 
I went to 3 shows this year, Kinder Aggugini, Todd Lynn and Issa London, and all were equally fabulous, but when it comes to guest list the Issa show went A List with Gemma Arterton, and Tinie Tempah sitting just a few people away. 
The whole of London Fashion week was awash of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes, on my travels I spotted, Susie Lau, of wonderful blog Style Bubble fame, Brix-Smith-Smart, Sharleen Spiterti, Jo Wood, Jameela Jamil,Nicola Roberts the list goes on. 
But, I digress it is not all about the people it is about the clothes, and I was treated to a some absolutely gems on the catwalk. 

Kinder Aggugini

This was a stunning collection of black and gold lace, long heavy coats and shiny black loafers. It was such brilliant showcase of what AW12 will have in store, but my personal highlights were the wide brimmed hats, that gave a retro feel which worked wonderfully against the Kayne and Jay-Z pumping out over the speakers.

Todd Lynn

 This was classic tailoring at it bests, a celebration of the female form. Fabulous trousers suits and pencil skirts created beautiful silhouettes that every body shape can embrace. The use of leather, in teal and burnt orange, not just black was inspired and all finished off with ankle boots, the overall effect was effortless.

Issa London

This collection was such a mix of print, brights and plain and simple elegance. There were audible gasps when a bright red lace evening dress floated down the runway, my favourite a red cape that was so vibrant, it would brighten any winter day. (So, red is sticking around for time to come) Like previous Issa collections there were signature long slinky numbers that only the very slender figures can enjoy,or if us normal sizes get a good pair of spanx!This however did not detract from a beautiful collection that had the fashionista's purring! 

So look forward to the winter girls, there will be plenty to make us all look fab-u-lous. xxx

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  1. How great was it to squeezy in the Kinder Aggugini show?! I still want that black suit with the long lapels from Toddy Lynn and the green brocade full skirted dress from Issa. Sigh...


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