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Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Logan's guide to packing

This weekend Me, Katie and our boyfriends are going for a long weekend to Scotland to visit our Grandparents. All my family are Scottish, we are the only English so, it is soo nice to get back up there as much as we can and see them. Therefore,our mission for the night has been to pack for the next few days. 

I love packing. It sounds insane I know, but I like the process of picking out the outfits and planning what accessories to put with together. (It must be the stylist in me coming out)
Since leaving Uni, all our friends are dotted all around the country, so big catch up weekends have happened a lot and over the past few years, which can require numerous costume changes so, both me and Katie have become expert packers for weekend breaks! 

I know that for some people packing is a word that fills them with dread, but to make things a bit easier I thought I would share our best packing tips.

1) Either write out or make a mental note of what you will be doing for each day, a weekend break is not like a holiday were you don't know what you will be doing, so break each day down, once you know this you can assign an outfit to each part of the weekend. I aways write out Fri Night/ Sat Day/ Sat Night/ Sun Day

2) Outfit Pack. I always outfit pack, it is so much better than just throwing stuff in the bag, you end up taken more that way. If you only have one option it makes the packing easier and lighter. It means when you get away all the work is done for you and you can just get ready and go!

3) Once you have picked the outfits lay them out on the bed, you can visualise the look better this way and it means you can decide what accessories work best. 

Here are our outfits laid out for this weekend...

4) Try and double up were you can, if you can wear the same pair of jeans or handbag twice- great it will save of space!
5)Be prepared- I keep all my "going out" make up, eye liners, shadows and glosses in a separate make up bag than my day to day stuff, so I don't need to sort through it all when I am packing i can just throw it straight in. 

6) Finally- Once all the outfits are decided write them out next to the days and you are all set! This last step is a bit extreme I admit, but it is what keeps me in check when I am going away.

I hope these tips are helpful to you and I would love to know your packing ideas too, I am always looking to try new things.

 I will be posting how the outfits look very soon, so keep checking in. 



  1. My grandma travels a lot and this is exactly what she does! Since she goes on cruises, she always knows which country she will be in each day and has a pretty good idea of what the weather will be like. Then, like you, she plans an outfit for each day and places it all together on the bed.

    I wish I was that organised! I tend to just chuck everything in and hope for the best!


  2. It has taken years of hauling nearly all my wardrobe around before I came to a better solution! Your Grandma sounds even more organised than me! :-)
    Love it! Xx


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