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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday Workwear!

Wednesday is one of those middle of the road days, you are breaking the back of the week, but you still feel like Friday is forever away!
The weather in Manchester was also abit middle of the road too, which is holding back me and Katie's assault in to the spring pastels. On Monday I was ready and armed with my Peach chino's but the weather did not match (as if Monday's are not bad enough!)

So today we were resound to wearing a more winter look, but decided to pick the outfits up with some print!

 Katie went for an old favourite, the Burgundy dress has been an essential part of our winter wardrobe. It can be dressed with lots of different colours and styles, today Katie wanted to give it a pop of print with this Leopard print sheer bolero which worked really well against the dark hues. But to help define the shape of the outfit, she used a black belt  over the top, we will often turn to belts finish off a look they are perfect for creating a silhouette. N.B Don't think you can't wear belts, there is s belt for every body shape, in fact I will do a separate post on belts to show you.    

Dress- Huk (Independent fashion shop in Manchester)
Bolero- Primark, Belt- New Look
Shoe Boots- New Look, Bangles- Primark


I wanted the main focus of my outfit to be the neck scarf, I tend to do that sometimes, pick an accessory and build an look around that. So, I wanted to keep the rest quite simple and the black T shirt and Jacket allowed the print to do all the work, but I rarely ever just wear an all black ensemble I always like to get some colour involved, (it give more dimensions to an outfit), so I went for a browny skirt that helped pick out the brunt orange of the paisley. Ever since Stella McCartney's brought paisley back into the fashion forum it has been popping up everywhere and I love it, H&M are also doing a great range of shorts, scarfs in these prints.

Neck Scarf- Forever 21, Blazer- Topshop
T shirt- H&M, Skirt- New Look
Bangles- Primark, Earrings- New Look, Ring- H&M

     Well, that was our Wednesday, hope yours was ok and not long now till the weekend!


  1. Great outfit! Love it!

    Men Trend

  2. Thanks Guys! I do love the scarf,tend to build a lot of outfits around it! x :-)


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