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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Motilo- My new favourite thing!

I love when discovering new things in fashion and I think I have just found my new favourite toy- Motilo!
It is a website that allows you to create looks from an amazing back catalogue of designers, it's like having your dream wardrobe and just playing around with looks and creating outfits! 
This is my idea of heaven and I can see that I am going to spend many an hour on there playing around with different styles! And it will be great tool if you can't decide what colours or shapes will work well together, as when you put them together you can see what works and what doesn't. 
So after all this build up- here is my first look! 

This is my "Out and about in the City" look, which I would love to be wearing right now, but at least I can have it all laid out for my viewing pleasure. It is so easy to do you just scroll down the clothes at the side of the page a then drag your fav items into the space and then save. 

Below is the link to the website and to my look, so you can see the designers and prices that make up the look! 
I hope you check it out and have as much fun as I know I will! 
Happy creating! xxxxxx



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  1. Oh, this looks great. Have you used Polyvore before? Need to give this a whirl!


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