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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saturday Shopping

Saturday was a real girly day, Katie, my Mum and I hit the shops and then met up with the Men for drinks and a meal at our favourite Italian afterwards. 
I always love going shopping with my Mum, she is the most honest person when it comes to dressing and style and is the person we get all our fashion tips from. 
We had a great afternoon and probably over spent!

Blazer-H&M, T Shirt- Primark, Vest-H&M
Wet look Leggings- Boohoo, Necklace-Primark
Shoe Boots-New Look, Bag- Primark

Blazer-Topshop, T shirt- Primark, Leggings-Primark
Vest-H&M, Necklace-New Look, Shoe Boots-New Look

Just one of Mum, looking very stylish!

Ha, I have just released looking at these pictures that Me and Katie have the same boots on! Oh well, one of the perks of being a twin is you can pass those things off as planned!

I have literally been loving my Boohoo wet look leggings this season, I have worn them so many times and in so many different ways, they are the perfect legging to dress up or down and never go out of shape even after a full days wear. But, the most exciting part of my outfit is my new Primark necklace, I have been waiting for the right outfit to wear it and I loved the tribal feel against the punk T Shirt. (You have to check out Primark's T shirts at the mo, there are so many cool designs and shapes and for £4-6 you can not argue)

Katie was letting the leggings do all the talking, and kept the top half quite simple. If you are going to do printed leggings, unless you have some kind of model figure be careful to wear another print on top, it is best to wear something plain to balance out the body. If you are going to try the print clash, then a skirt and top is better, I will do a post on prints very soon!
I hope you have had a great Easter and are not to sick out chocolate, having been off choc for 40 days it has been going down very well today! 



  1. You all look super stylish! It seems like you had a great time :)
    Happy Easter!


  2. Thanks Hun! We had a great time, just probs drank and ate a little too much! :-) xx


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