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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

First Video-Summer Holiday Packing Guide!

Hi Guys,

I am really excited as today is the first video that I am posting! I love seeing other people's vlogs and tutorials etc so have really wanted to start making them myself, I think fashion video's are always great, so hope it will work really well

This first collection of video's is Myself and Katie's guide to summer holiday packing. As you know it can be a real stress trying to get everything in your case and most of the time you end up taking way to much that you don't wear. So we now outfit pack for every holiday and it makes things so much easier when working out what you do and don't need when you go away. 

I really hope you like these and I would love to hear your feedback and comments.

My Introduction!

Here is My Selection!

Now Katie's Picks!


 I hope you have found these useful and it has given you some idea's for your next holiday! And if you like the video's then let me know and I can do more. Apologies for and shakey camera work, or the state of my room, you know what it is like when you are going away, everything is thrown everywhere! 
( And must apologise for both of our over the top hand gestures, we talk with our hands!)

Have an amazing bank holiday weekend, I hope you all have fun times planned!
I will not be able to post when I am away, but if you follow on Twitter and Facebook, I will be uploading pics throughout the hol!

Happy Extra Long Weekend!



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