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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Style Challenge- Summer Accessories! Part 3

Well, I can not believe the weather we are having at the moment, it has been so hot in Manchester, it has almost felt like being aboard! I have been loving it, I am such a summer person. I prefer summer clothes, food, and mostly people's attitude, everyone is friendly in the nice weather! 
So, this has been perfect prep for me to write up my final instalment in the Summer Holiday Style Challenge!( and I am writing it sat on my balcony in the sun!)
 This week it is Accessories, probs the most important part of any summer wardrobe, as you can wear them with so many different looks, and on holiday I always like to be really bold with my accessories, go a bit wild! There have been an amazing selection of pieces out on the high street and online this season, so really if you hit any major retailer by you they will have some great finds for you, but I have done some digging across all my fav online and street fashion stops to high light some of my personal top picks! 

I have spilt it out into Jewelry, Sunnies and Scarfs and then bags.- Hope you like!

Collar- Topshop £30
Earrings- H&M £6.99
Earrings- River Island £15
Necklace- Shop Rebelle 18 euro's
Bangle Stack- River Island £20
Necklace- New Look £5.99
Bracelet- Miss Selfridges £8.50
Rings (orange and blue)Missguided £5.99
Spiked Cuff- Missguided £5.99
Earrings- New Look £2.99
Wooden Bangles- Miss Selfridge £14

                                                     Sunnies and Scarfs
Retro Sunglasses- Shop Rebelle 20 euro's
 Tropical Scarf-H&M- £6.99
Octopus Scarf- Mango £18.99
Cream Sunglasses- Miss Selfridge £14.99
Blue Scarf- Mango £7.99
Tribal Scarf- Topshop £
Sunglasses-H&M £6.99
Hair Clip- Topshop £6.50
Hat-Boohoo 12
Blue Sunglasses-H&M £4.99

Day/ Beach Bags
 Shopper Bag- River Island £65
Basket Bag- Topshop £30
Tribal Bag- Topshop £25
Black and White Shopper- Zara £65
Nautical but Nice- Monki 8 euro's
Leopard Print Bag- New Look £17.99

Going out/ Evening Bags
 Green Fringe Bag River Island £30
Flower Bag- New Look £31.99
Yellow Clutch- Zara £59.99
Quilted Bag- New Look £7.99
Pink Bag- Monki 10 euro's
Black and Pink Clutch- New Look £15.99

I choose these items really with me and my girls in mind, We are jetting of to Portugal next Friday so I really sat and thought about what practical pieces I always take on my hols, as I have said in the previous summer style posts, it is all about maximising your space in the suitcase and so if you pick the right bags, necklaces etc that can be worn more than once you will be on to a winner! 
Which is why I have chosen going out bags with straps, I love clutches they are fab on a really glam night out back home, but on holiday you just want to dance run around and generally have fun without worrying about holding on to your bag! And the same with scarfs, don't take one for every bikini, find one that picks out colours of a couple of your suits, that will save on space too. 
I hope this has got you in the holiday mood and you are ready to hit the shops and start buying! This weekend is d day for me and Katie, we will get all our outfits picked out and clothes ready, and I am going to post a video of our outfit packing to give you some more holiday hints and tips! I hope you will like this and if so I can look to doing more vlogs on here. 

Only one more day to go and then the weekend!- yeah! Hope all have lovely things planned? Let me know what you think of my picks! 



  1. Portugal sounds grand. I have nevr been, hoping to get there this summer. Have fun.. and yes the weekend is nigh....


  2. It is great,been once before so really looking forward to going! X


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