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Friday, 20 July 2012

Sales- Survival Guide!

Ok Guys, I have a shocking fashion confession to make..... I hate shopping in Sales! ( I know audible gasps, seen as this blog is all about great fashion at a great price!) But, I have never liked them, to me it is just shopping carnage, there is no right or reason to any of it or order and it completely stresses me out. In the past when I see a lot of sale rails up in a shop I walk back out, as I know it will be to crazy for me! It is silly I know, as retailers have to get rid of stock, I work in fashion marketing, so you think I would understand, but it is not really my favourite thing. 
However, over the years I have grown tired of my friends turning up on nights out and to events in outfits bought in the sales, so I have had to work harder and try and find a happy medium so I can reap the rewards of the great savings. 

This are my tips on how to survive the sales and what are the best items to be looking for! 

1.) Think of the up and coming season
 It may sound silly, but never venture into a sale without an idea of what the key trends and colours are going to be for the next season, ( I always go armed with a trend report from one of my fav magazines!) that way you will not just pick up things that will never be worn and will only sit in your wardrobe collecting dust! Try and pick out pieces that will be transitional from one season to the next. 
Logan Runway Tip- Look for Peplums! They are going to still be huge into AW12, so if you see one in the sale grab it now!

2) Accessories are safe bets
As much as trends come and go, most jewelry and neck scarfs will last a long time and so look for pieces in the sales that you will always reach for! pearls, cuffs, statement rings, will go with some many looks and in time can become wardrobe staples, but real bargains too.

3) Go for the Classics
The safest thing to buy in any sale is timeless pieces that are not trend related. I know we all love the key looks for each season, but none of us can be slaves to fashion, it is all about how you style your own looks. And that is where I have learned to love a good sale as I can stock up on my items that will always be on trend, so look out for the following...
- The Classic White Shirt
- A plain colour nude/black pair of ballet pumps
- A Demin Shirt
- Leather Jacket
- Blue rinse/stone wash Jeans
-Pencil Skirt
- Cashmere/ Knitwear
- Tailored Blazer

4) Think about what you already own
Both me and Katie have a shopping rule, before you buy anything you should always consider what you have at home that you can team it with that way you don't just go around picking up things that you will get home and never wear! Never utter the words, well it is just so cheap- cheap or not if it can't be worn with anything it is a waste!

Well, I hope you find these useful, I would love to know what your tips are surviving the sales and what great bargains you have been picking up?
I am soo glad it is the weekend, I am heading to Chester and also going to check out the new Forever 21 store that is opening at the Trafford Center in Manchester this weekend! Very excited and will do a full blog post on the shop early next week, so stay tuned. 

Have wonderful weekends, hope you have lovely things planned

Happy Weekend, Happy (sale) Shopping! 



  1. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  2. Some great tips! I will definitely keep these in mind the next time I hit up the saleracks.

    1. Thanks Sara, yeah it helps as in the past I was just wandering round the rails picking up anything! x

  3. Great tips! I like the idea of accessories being a safe bet, it's so true!


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