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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Party Series: Post 1- Dresses!

Hey Ladies! 

Hope you are all well and having a good week so far? I have been busy, but have found time to go to the Christmas Markets her in Manchester already, so have a mulled wine and German Bratwurst obsession for another year! However it has helped me get into the Christmas spirit, which is not hard, as I love the festive period and any excuse for a bit of Christmas cheer and I am there! 
So with this winter glow all around, it is the perfect time to launch my Christmas Dress Party series. Over the next 4 weeks I will be posting on the my top dresses, make up, nails and accessories to get you party ready in style! 
I may be a dramatic fashionista, but the dress that you wear to your work, school or college Christmas Party is very important, it is that one night in the year to go all out and be as glamorous as you can be and let everyone see a different side of you, out with the day to day norm. I know it is a topic of conversation in our Fashion Marketing floor from about October, so it is really important to make sure you put the time in a pick the right one, as the worst thing you can do is look back and regret how you looked at these events. (you can't always control what you do when the alcohol takes over, but at least you can look fabulous when you are doing it!)

So, where I begin every year is to look at the trends and styles that are out on the high street, and start to section them off into groups, which helps to focus my mind, as it can be a minefield to just wander the shops picking up things you think you like. If you hit the shops knowing what trend/style you are looking for it just makes it so much easier. 
This winter there are some gorgeous dresses out there, lots of which are perfect for party season, as one thing is clear from this years high street glam is the order of the day! 
After a lot of research I have narrowed my search down to the following trends:
Leather, Luxe, Sequin, Lace and Peplum and below are my top picks from my hours of fashion detective work!
Hope you can pick a favourite?

Fashion Union £20, L2 Mae Harlow Dress from Little Black Dress, 
Miss Selfridge £45, Topshop £65, Newlook £45.99, River Island £50

Dorothy Perkins £50, Topshop £50, Topshop £32, 
River Island £32, Dorothy Perkins KK Kollection £50, 
Misguided £34.99
Dorothy Perkins KK Kollection £45, Topshop £46, River Island £120
Motel Rocks £55, Newlook £24.99, Fashion Union £15
Misguided- £39.99, Motel Rocks- £58, Mango- £79.99, 
Misguided- £39.99
Motel Rocks- £58, River Island £60, Misguided £45,99
Missguided- £24.99, Dorothy Perkins £45, Fashion Union £5, 
River Island £32, Motel Rocks-£45, River Island £50

Out of all the styles around the shops this season these are my favourite for a Christmas Party. I really think that each of them would look amazing and what I love it that they are all such a mix of prices, so whatever the budget you can look and feel fab! I especially am loving Misguided, Motel Rocks and Fashion Union's party collection. Including the famous £5 Fashion Union dress- Yes £5!
But it is always important to not just choose a dress on how nice it is, one of the most important factors is comfort, as you want to be able to strut your stuff, but still being able to breath and bust some moves on the dance floor!

Logan Runway Tip- Always have a dance around in your changing room when you try on a dress to get a feel of how well you will be able to move in it! 

I hope you like my picks, and like me are looking forward to putting your outfit together for the big night!

Will be back with a new winter work outfit post in the next of days, so stay tuned. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Some beautiful dresses! I think luxe is the look I would go for - the New Look and Fashion Union ones are gorgeous and such great prices!

    1. Thanks Hun, yes I know they are gorge! I am leaning towards Luxe too! x

  2. I love the green Motel dress! Oh how I wish I owned it xx

    1. I know Rebecca, it is fab! Get online and buy it! lol! x


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