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Friday, 11 January 2013

Favourite Fashion Pieces of 2012!

Hi Fashionista's! 

As promised here is my fashion favourites of last year. It has been really hard to actually narrow down the pieces you would classify as favourites as there were so many amazing styles and trends this year that I loved wearing, but ultimately I have had to just go with the items I have physically worn the most. 

2012 was definitely a year of 2 halves in the fashion stakes. The Spring/ Summer was a sea of neon's, ice cream tones and brights and I loved it. I think I bought H&M out of coloured chino's and jeans! 
The Winter was then full of very Gothic vamps with lots of gorgeous lace, leather, deep reds and Burgundy's.
I loved it all and it is always quite sad to leave behind certain pieces you have worn over and over, but then that is the beauty of fashion, there is always a new style to embrace. 

So drum roll please, here is the video of top fashion picks, when I go into more detail on why I have chose these pieces !

I hope you like my choices and to see them a bit closer here is the photo's of each item.  

H&M Faux Fur Wrap
Daniel Wellington Watch

Link to Website
Primark- Necklace
Missguided Disco Pants
Jacquard Trousers
Metallic Pleather Skirt
Peplum Tops (Primark one shown)

Well, I hope you are all glad it is the weekend? I have got lots of work on at the moment, and will be working most of the weekend which is a bit rubbish. But I have scheduled in some time to hit the shops, so will let you know how I get on with the new season trends! And would love to know what you are buying too! 

If you want to see any other f my Video's you can check them out on my You Tube Channel , Thanks for watching!

Happy Weekend!


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