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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lusting for Payday!

Hi Guys! 

Is it just me or is January feeling like the longest month ever? Not only have I had a huge work project to do, not been eating as healthy as I should,  and I am also skint and have not been satisfying my shopping needs! 
All this equal stressed out Laura, spending most of the time creating wish lists for clothes, make up and general nice things! 

I can't wait to start building up my new season wardrobe, there are soo many gorgeous tops, blouses, trousers, bags etc out there it is hard to know where to start! But I wanted to share with you my latest list of must have items, that I will be running to get in the shops come Monday! 

1) H&M Trouser- £24.99    2.) Keihls Midnight Recovery Eye £24
3) H&M Blouse £14.99    4) Topshop Sunglasses  £16
5) Soap and Glory Endless Glove £8   6) H&M Trouser £24.99
7) Fashion Union Boots £32     8) Topshop Jumper £30 

I am loving cropped trouser look for this season, they are so handy cos you can wear them casual during the day and then get some heels out and some red lipstick and you are ready for a night of the town and I love these H&M options! Tailoring is going to be big to, so I think I will be in need of a good short suit too, so if anyone knows of a good one let me know! 
In this cold and snowy weather my skin has taken a bettering and so I am really excited to try the new Soap and Glory hand cream, I will let you know how I get on with it. There are lots of great new make up and beauty products coming out at the moment Rimmels Apocolips comes out today and on the 15th Feb the new Topshop Make Up collection comes out for the SS13 and it will be fab! 

What are you most wanting to buy when pay day hits? 

Well, I can't believe it is Wednesday, this week has flown, probs because I am so busy! But looking forward  to the weekend and will hopefully be recording a new nail tutorial for my You Tube Channel with my new nail glitter, so stay tuned for that! Hope you are having a good week! 

Happy Wednesday and Happy Payday Shopping! 


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