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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

White on White

Hi Guys!
As some of you will know by now, I have a slight borderline obsession with the colour White. Cue my excitement as it is currently all over the high street and online at the mo.
I love it, for me it is the ultimate chic colour and makes everything look really polished and stylish, plus it looks great against other colours.

Jacket- Sample Sale, Top- Topshop, Trousers- H&M
Boots- Newlook, Bag- Primark, Necklace- Primark
Ring- Bought in Portugal- Nails- Nails Inc Tate

However, today I have gone for the white on white trend and I really like it. It know it does seem a bit strange, and I did originally have a different colour top picked out to wear with the white jacket, but the more I looked at the pattern on the trousers I just was drawn to the double hit of white.

What do you think? Are you a fan on the white on white look?

The trousers are a new addition from H&M and were wait for it 
only…£9.99! Amazing value and they are a great everyday print, with whites, black’s blues and red that will be great even into summer. I feel like I just keep saying it but H&M’s current range is so good, if you have not checked it out then have a ganders here
Well, back to the grindstone today, it’s always hard getting back into the swing of things after a normal weekend, but after a bank holiday then I am all over the place, it feels like Monday, but its Tuesday only 3 days till Friday- honestly I haven’t got a clue!
But, I’ve got lots going on this week, so must go and make an attempt to be organised.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. you know, this white top and jacket look great with printed pants! X

    1. Thanks hun, yeah I really like the effect. x

  2. I absolutely love these trousers :) So gorgeous! xxx

    1. Thanks Nikki, they were such a bargain, you should go and get them too! xx

  3. your nails look stunning against the white

    much love from NYC

    1. Thank You! I do love red against white. xx


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