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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Greetings from Spain!

Hola Guys!
This is a very quick post from sunny spain! I hope you are all having a great week and the weather is not too bad, looking everyone's tweets and facebook it sounds like it's nice!
It has been wonderful here and I am loving the little town we are staying in, Calella. It has some really fab little squares, churches and real tapas restraunts, with ham's hanging in the window ( a Spainish deal breaker for me!) And the shopping is fab!! I always like to do a little bit of shopping when I am on my hols, so I have something to keep to remind me of all the places I have been, but to honest in this holiday, I am having to reign myself in!
And the main rehason for this post to share with you my new fashion find, a Shop called a Stradivarius, it is a like a Mango or Zara, but really reasonble in price and it has some stunning pieces, the scarfs were a personal fav of mine! It is based all across Europe, so please let me know if you already know it and love it too!
I went in today and bought a gorge apple green skirt and peach scarf, but I will be back for more before I leave! I love when I discover new shops and it has a wonderful online site too, so please check it out!
Well here are the pics of my purchases today and just one of me at the pool, showing of my OPI coral toe nails!
I will go now and get sorted, we are heading to watch the England vs Ukraine Euro match tonight, so it could either be a good night or disapointing as usual! But I am heading into Barcelona tomorrow and can literally not wait, it is one of my top European Cities for shopping, so I just a little bit excited! I will take lots of photo's and will do a post asap!
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!
Happy Tuesday!



  1. Sounds like your having a lovely time! very jealous. Hope you enjoy Barcelona :) xx

    1. Thanks Emma! I will take plenty of pics of Barcelona, it will just be my shopping I will need to be careful with! x

  2. I love Stradivarius! I always plan to make a trip there when I go to Spain I've got some great jeans from there! I also like Blanco and Pull & Bear but I think you can get these in the UK now too!

    1. Thanks Jenni, I will definetly check out Blanco and Paul & Bear, as I loving Stradivarius! so exciting making new fashion discoveries! X


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