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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

AW12 Trend-Metallic Magnetic Nails

Hi Guys, 
I hope you weeks are going ok? Mine seems to have been busy busy so  far.
This post I am really excited about as it is introducing the new Barry M Magnetic Metallic nail polishes! 
These magnetic nail effects and cracked top coats have been on the scene for a while now, but it is always fab when new colours come out to match the seasons on trend styles.
After seeing metallic colours appearing in the Fashion shows back in February I was hoping that the beauty products would follow and this range of colours will fit in perfectly with any winter wardrobe and dare I say it so early your Christmas Party look.

 Colours- Sparkle Gold, Sparkle Blue, Sparkle Red
     Multi Sparkle and Green Sparkle

 I am no nail art expert. I have a very shaky hand and designs normally end up looking smudged, so when I was kindly sent this AW12 collection to try I was a bit unsure how I would master the magnetic effect. However, after the first nail I was hooked, it was so easy to use and the effect is instant. 
These are the Steps..
1) Base Coat
2) Allow to dry base coat
3) Apply second coat
4) Instantly take the magnetic lid and hold it over the nail, the little ridge of the lid sitting at the bottom of the nail and hold for about 20-30 secs (don't actually press the lid on to the nail just hover it directly over it)
5) Lift of and allow to dry completely and done!

 Here are the different colours on the nails

                                                                      Sparkle Gold

                                                                      Sparkle Blue

                                                                          Sparkle Red

                                                                    Sparkle Green

                                                            Multi Sparkle

I am really happy with all the different looks that were created, if you check the lid of each colour you can see what the design with be. The polishes are easy to apply, dry quick and I have worn mine for over 5 days and there is no signs of chipping, which for me is a miracle! 
The two colours that you will get the most use our of will definitely be the gold and multi as they will tone in with loads of different looks and will look fab with all this seasons strong Gothic blacks.
I hope you like the effects, sorry if my camera does not show the true colours, the red and blue are not really bright, but do look better in person. 
These polishes really are really very easy for creating nail art and for a novice like me that is fab!
 I always say that fashion does not just stop with clothes and if you are not someone who is confident about wearing bright colours or trends then nail varnish is a great way to be vibrant. 
I will do a full post on all my fav nail polished very soon, but stay tuned later this week for my next video on the top pieces in my wardrobe I am taking with my for next season! 

 Happy Tuesday!!



  1. haha i can relate about being busy , these metallics are great deffintly back in season !

    get back at me !

    1. Thanks Matthew, I am really excited about all new season trends!
      ( loving yout blog too by the way!) x


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