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Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012- Favourite Looks!

Wow, what a year 2012 has been! It has been so nice to go back through my old posts and pick out my favourite looks of the year. It makes the year feel like it has flown by, as I can remember every photo being taken and some kind of drama or comedy incident that went with it! Starting my blog has been so amazing and going back through it all has been quite emotional actually!
It has also made me realise that without noticing I have had some wardrobe stables that I have turned to again and again all year, like my all time fav black heels and top summer wedges that I think were stuck to my feet!
Also I seem to have had a real thing for yellow and neons this summer, which I am sure I was aware at the time, but with all the winter trends that I have been focused on recently it seems like a distant memory! 
There are some particular items that have not made it on here like all my peplum tops, which has been welded to my back all year, but if I had included everything this would have been a very long post! 
I have also loved all your comments on all my outfits over the past year, it means so much to me and I love hearing what looks you have been wearing yourself!

I think reflecting back on the styles and trends you have loved the year before is the perfect prep for getting excited about the new fashion season. As there will always be things you will leave behind (mistakes, we have all made them!)and there will be classic styles that you can take with you. That is the beauty of fashion!

I am really happy about this seasons new trends, there are lots of gorgeous pieces out there that I need to get my hands on!  I will be posting my top new SS13 trend post very soon and I will be recording a lot more videos this year for my you tube channel which I am super excited about so be sure to stay tuned! 

Well, I better get back to sorting out all my Christmas presents and cleaning my room, as it is basically a bomb site at the moment! 
Hope you all have a fab weekend and if you are detoxing it is going well!

Happy Saturday!

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